Former President Felipe Calderon denied entry to Cuba

Cuba’s immigration authorities denied authorization to former President Felipe Calderon to enter the island, who would travel today to attend the ceremony for the anniversary of the late opponent Oswaldo Payá.

Through his Twitter account, Calderón Hinojosa announced that Aeromexico notified him that the authorization was denied and could not be documented to board the AM451 flight.

Using this social network, he asked the Cuban government to “rectify this absurdity”.

He also sent a message to Rosa María Payá, daughter of the deceased and promoter of the event, to inform him that “unfortunately I will not be able to be with you in honor of your admired father.” Immigration from Cuba requested that it not be documented.

He also addressed a tweet to the airline who thanked him for his attentions and help: “I know it’s not your fault,” he said.

In the same situation was the former Chilean minister and parliamentarian Mariana Aylwin, daughter of former president Patricio Aylwin.

Nor was she allowed to board the flight that would take her to Havana, in her case to receive an acknowledgment to her father in the same act.

The Chilean government said on Tuesday it would call to inform its ambassador to Cuba in a sign of discomfort.