Governor Eruviel Avila disappears 1.25 billion pesos in The State of Mexico

According to the audit, the state government did not provide supporting documentary evidence and expense justification.

The State of Mexico is one of the top ten entities with the highest patrimonial damage. Under the administration of Governor Eruviel Ávila, “1,254.3 million pesos disappeared from the treasury according to the public account 2015 of the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF).

The federal government delivered 1,254.3 million pesos to The State of Mexico through the Fund of Contributions to the Strengthening of the Federal States (FAFEF), which was to be carried out by the Ministry of Finance, however, this resource disappeared.

The original budget for this concept was for 4,571.6 million pesos, of which the audit found that there were expenditures for 3,317.2 million pesos, these figures represent 72.6 percent of the resources granted. But the administration of Eruviel Avila did not document the justification of the rest of the resources, the reason why is presumed affectations by 1,254.3 million pesos.

“It is unknown the destination of the same, whose figure represents 27.4 percent of the resource administered.

Of the revised universe, the ASF concludes, “in general terms, the Government of the State of Mexico did not comply with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable in the matter.”

For these missing, the audit issued 20 observations to the entity, while only 3 were solved.