Mexico can become the seventh world economy in 2050

The country, which currently ranks 11th in the count, will exceed countries like the United Kingdom and Germany in three decades, estimates the consultant.

Despite how complicated the current outlook for Mexico looks, in 30 years the country could become the seventh world power, according to estimates by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

In its report The World in 2050, published this Friday, the company projects that the Gross Domestic Product per capita could reach up to $ 41,900, which would double the $ 17,900 registered in 2016 according to the company.

“Mexico could be bigger than the United Kingdom and Germany in 2050,” according to the document, which builds on last year’s national economy data.

PwC also points out that 32 countries will control 85% of world wealth in three decades, and that six of the seven major powers in the world will be emerging countries. In addition, the consultancy estimated that the economy will double its size due to advances in technology.