Price adjustment of gasolines is ridiculous, should have dropped more than one peso: Mario Delgado

As “ridiculous,” Senator Mario Delgado called the Finance Ministry’s (SHCP) decision to lower only two cents a liter of gasoline, which is applied for this Saturday and until next Monday.

Even the lawmaker said that the Magna gasoline had to lower 1.17 pesos and the premium 1.89 pesos per liter.

In a statement, Delgado said that “what the government is doing is manipulating the price of gasoline, leaving it high to stay with higher profit margins.”

He added: “This government continues to make decisions that do not benefit Mexican families. Because there are conditions to lower the price of a liter of gasoline by more than one peso, it does not make it.”

In addition, since the drop in the international price of gasoline since the beginning of the year is reflected in the price in Mexico, gasoline was located at $ 14.72 and at $ 15.90 pesos Premium.

The previous announcement by the SHCP, the legislator stated that the price of fuel fell, following the logic of the government to keep up with international prices, given that there was a decline in Texas at the end of January.

Only this Saturday 18 and until Monday 20, the average maximum prices of gasoline will be placed for the Magna at 15.97 pesos per liter; Premium, at 17.77, and diesel, at 17.03 a liter, which represents a decrease of cents from the increase decreed in January, Hacienda said.