US Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly denies massive deportations

US Secretary of Homeland Security said President Donald J. Trump has ordered him to re-establish control at the border.

US Secretary of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly denied that massive deportations of undocumented immigrants are being carried out in his country. “We are not doing massive deportations, but we have laws that we have to respect, so we will focus first on those who have committed crimes,” Kelly told a news conference from Guatemala before leaving for Mexico.

The US official, who will meet with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Thursday, said that when someone is arrested in the United States, he will be placed at the disposal of the courts.

Kelly visited Guatemala a day after the department in charge published two internal circulars that reinforce the capture and deportation of undocumented immigrants.

He explained that it includes an agiler legal process when you come in contact with an irregular immigrant, who will be returned “to your country faster than it has been done in a decade.” In addition, he said that President Donald Trump’s order gives his department more resources to strengthen the border with Mexico.

“President Trump has ordered me to reestablish control at the border, so we are going to build a physical barrier, we are going to conduct non-military patrols, but with men and women who are in the field of law enforcement and technological methodologies,” he pointed.

Kelly lashed out at illegal drug dealers known as “coyotes,” of whom he said, “they are liars, they are not interested in human life, they are simply predators who seek to take people’s money.”

“Many victims suffer torture, rape, and other molestation, the terrain is brutal, dangerous and unforgiving, many men, women, and children have lost their lives trying to cross this journey” to the United States, he lamented.

Kelly witnessed the arrival in Guatemala City of a flight of undocumented migrants repatriated from the United States. During his visit, the Secretary of Security held private meetings with President Jimmy Morales, and Interior Ministers Francisco Rivas and Foreign Minister Carlos Morales.

Kelly’s visit is the first time a senior US official has been in Central America since Trump took office last January. After Guatemala, Kelly will travel to Mexico, where he will have an official visit with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.