The magical night of desires arrives in Teotihuacán

Teotihuacán will be celebrating Saturday, December 14, the Night of Desires. In this event, which you can attend with family and friends, you can watch the rain of stars in which fifty to one hundred celestial bodies can be observed per hour.

These small celestial particles will enter our planet at great speed, which generates the magical lights that we see.

Another of the main shows of the festival will be the elevation of hot air balloons, which together with the release of floating lanterns, will leave you with your mouth open.

Due to the intensity of the activities, we recommend that you set up your campfire and stay camping, so you can enjoy the hot air balloons at dawn and take one or more photos.

The Night of Desires will have its headquarters just ten minutes from the archaeological zone of Teotihuacán. As if that were not enough, the activities will be enlivened by different bands of funk, jazz and blues.

You can also take a tour of the different gastronomic and artistic proposals, among which are the ball game, piñata workshops and interaction with animals.

At nightfall, a giant bonfire will be lit and the release of floating luminaires will begin. This is an activity worth sharing with your loved ones, a special moment to send messages of love or to make a wish.

Do not miss the opportunity to spend a night full of magic and throw yourself to Teotihuacán. Spend an unforgettable moment, in an event that celebrates life and our deepest longings.