Hierve el Agua: A hidden paradise among the mountains of Oaxaca

Would you like to swim in a natural hot spring pool in the middle of nature? To live this experience you must go to Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca, which is located in the southwest of Mexico, on your next vacation.

Did you know that in Hierve el Agua there are the only petrified waterfalls in America?

There are only 2 sites with these characteristics in the world. The other is in Turkey and is called Pamukkale. These 2 waterfalls, which measure 12 and 30 meters, originated because the water in this area has a high content of calcium carbonate and when drained for so many years formed this natural wonder.

At the top of the petrified waterfalls, in Hierve el Agua, you can find several hot spring pools where you can swim and enjoy the view.

On the other hand, if you are adventurous you can take a walk of approximately 40 minutes, along a path to see this paradise from another perspective. This space is managed and taken care of by the population of San Lorenzo. They themselves offer tours and explain interesting details of the place.

How to get?

  • The best option to arrive is to go to Oaxaca City. Starting from there, you can take a tour offered in several hotels and travel agencies or go on your own renting a car.
  • Keep in mind that from Oaxaca to Hierve el Agua it takes about 2 hours.

Does it have cost?

  • It is extremely economical and accessible to all budgets. You only have to pay 2 dollars per person to enter the region and approximately the same to visit the natural park. This money is used to preserve the site.

What services can you find in Hierve el Agua?

  • Public toilets.
  • Parking lot.
  • Cabins to sleep.
  • Foods.