The best destinations for kayaking in Mexico

Exploring rivers has been a way to discover new lands.

Río Alseseca, Veracruz

Along this river you can descend sections that range from medium difficulty to the most extreme, where the kayakers are thrown by waterfall from 15 to 20 meters, as would the Mexican Kayaker Rafa Ortiz, when jumping from the waterfall Big Banana of 42 meters high. This is one of the experts’ favorites.

Every year there is an international competition that attracts the most daring in the world. The region is filled with kayaks coming to the river.

The most accessible and easy to travel section by kayak is the one that runs parallel to the federal highway Altotonga-Tlapacoyan.

Río Santo Domingo, Chiapas

It is one of the most uneven rivers in the world; therefore, one of the most extreme, reserved only for experts. It is recommended to leave Comitán and take the 190 highway. You will pass through the lagoons of Monte Bello, Cinco Lagos, La Encantada, Ensueño, Esmeralda, Pojoj and Tziscao, whose variety of tones in its waters make the place famous. Although the place deserves not only a visit, but many days, you must continue two and a half hours until you reach Nuevo San Juan Chamula, here you will have to prepare the equipment to enter the canyon of the Río Santo Domingo, which descends from the mountains of Guatemala carving a canyon through the traventine rock in the deep Chiapas jungle and forming spectacular waterfalls and pools.

You can try descend this river in two days, one can dedicate it to exploration and, the second, to navigate it.

Río Santo Domingo, Chiapas

Río Santa María, San Luis Potosí

Doing this adventure means exploring one of the most beautiful regions of Mexico: the Huasteca Potosina, located east of the state of San Luis Potosí in the middle of the Sierra Madre Oriental.

Start your trip rappelling through the Tamul waterfall, the highest in San Luis Potosí. This waterfall is formed by the river mouth of the mighty Gallinas River, which falls from a height of 105 meters by 300 meters wide, to join its waters with Río Santa María, which runs through the bottom of a canyon covered with thick jungle vegetation. The chaotic union of both rivers origin the Tampaón River, navigable from this point. The crossing can be done in two days. It is a very scenic destination mainly for Kayaks. The first day you reach Tanchachin, where you camp to continue the next day with navigation through an impressive canyon.