Casa Tho: refuge of design, fashion and art in Mérida

Casa THO in Mérida, Yucatán

When you go to Mérida do not forget to visit Casa Tho, a ‘concept house’ where you will find unique mexican brands.

Casa Tho is a space where fashion, design, art and gastronomy coexist in a beautiful french-style house in the Paseo Montejo, in Mérida. In this Concept House you will find exclusive articles from eleven mexican brands that also promote artisanal work and fair trade.

Simply the architectural space is to be admired from the entrance, where the white of the facade stands out before the vibrant green of the flora that surrounds the building. In the courtyard, the beach chairs invite you to rest under the palm trees, but first you have to know the rooms, each one awaits you with a different surprise.

A different proposal

Inside you will find clothes, jewelry, perfumery and various decorative items, also a gastronomic proposal. Among the boutiques you will find Daniela Bustos Maya’s collection, with her well-known garments made with hammock thread and jewelry pieces with old mexican coins.

You will also notice the garments of Carla Fernández or Casilda Mut who highlight the artisan work of indigenous communities but with their own design.

Smell will take you to Xinú, a boutique of high perfumery where the aromas of american botany star fragrances that appeal to nature and memory.

Then Yucabanas follows, with its traditional italian linen guayaberas but with a stylized design.

In each new room of this house you will discover accessories, bags and jewelry in the spaces of Mexicouture, Puro Corazón, Nuno Tulum or La Troupe. Good quantity of the products are handmade but with applied design. Although if you are looking for something more traditional you will find it in MIMA where the goods arrive directly from artisans from various parts of Mexico.

Last but not least, you will find a culinary refuge named Guillermina, with foods that are synonymous with healthy and breakfasts that have become a great option in Merida.

Casa Tho
Paseo de Montejo No. 498 esq con calle 45.
Open every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Guillermina restaurant from 8 am