Two typical dishes that you should try in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

We found two very traditional dishes from this part of the Costa Grande de Guerrero, do not miss them on your next vacation to Zihuatanejo.

Among the cuisine of the Costa Grande de Guerrero, in Zihuatanejo, two typical creations of this region of the coast stand out, las tiritas de pescado and the relleno de puerco, two delicious dishes that you cannot miss when you go to this beach destination.

Tiritas de pescado

This first dish is already a Zihuatanejo classic, and in its simplicity lies its splendor. It is prepared by slicing a sailfish fillet in thin strips, accompanied by filleted purple onion, natural grain salt and thin slices of habanero pepper or green pepper.

All the above is squeezed the juice of a lemon to mix the flavors, lightly cook the fish and ready, there are some strips that must be prepared at the time, as the locals say that the fish should not be cooked much with the lemon.

This dish, says chef Ricardo Pineda, of the restaurant El Indio “was invented by fishermen who were shipwrecked and only had lemons on their boat … since then it is a dish that is typically prepared in the sea.”

We recommend you try it at El Indio Restaurant, which serves in Playa Varadero and Playa Coral, on the island of Ixtapa.

Relleno de Puerco

This dish is a meaty pleasure, with crispy skin and sweet filling that you will only find on Sundays. It is prepared with a pig filled inside with a preparation of potato, carrot, pineapple, banana and a collection made with various spices that is the “secret” of its flavor.

Doña Alicia only uses pigs of 5 months of age that she herself grows with corn. In their clay ovens, the “cuche” is slowly cooked throughout the night and at dawn it is taken to take it to the Mercado de Agua de Correa, in Zihuatanejo, where people come early to reach the crunchiest skin.

Although this recipe is typical of Tecpan de Galeana, it was welcomed here almost a century ago. Currently it is Mrs. Alicia Ramírez and her family who keep the most typical recipe and that everyone in Zihuatanejo considers the best.

We recommend arriving early to reach crispy chick. Ask for it in a bolillo bread, you can accompany it with a coffee. Bon Appetite!