Yalitza Aparicio: “Actress and activist in Mexico” at Google Talks

One of the Mexican actresses who has had the most global focus is Yalitza Aparicio, since since her appearance in the acclaimed film Roma by director Alfonso Cuarón, she became a person not only famous but media, as each step she takes is thoroughly analyzed by the press.

And although Yalitza has remained in low profile and has decided to keep her life private, Mexican magazine TV Notes announced that the actress is very much in love, apparently of a young dental student, originally from Oaxaca.

Who is Yalitza Aparicio’s boyfriend?

According to the magazine, although the boy, whose name is André, is still studying, he is already in the last semesters. It is speculated that the people who run Aparicio’s career asked her to keep their relationship a secret, and they don’t want her to be distracted from his career and the commitments she has.

In the magazine it is assured that the Oscar nominee asked her partner not to take pictures, but he managed to convince her with the promise that no one would see them, but he uploaded a photo with Yalitza to his WhatsApp profile, so the photo was filtered and romance came to light.

It is worth mentioning that Yalitza Aparicio maintains a very busy agenda, as it has been dedicated to participating in various events where it is accompanied by great world-class artists.