15 things to do in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

City of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

Know 15 things to do in Monterrey. The Sultana del Norte awaits you to discover its imposing historical buildings, museums and taste the most exquisite of its regional cuisine.

1. Start from the heart of Monterrey: the Macroplaza. Here begins the cosmopolitan spirit of La Sultana del Norte thanks to its museums, park and surrounding buildings. This, one of the largest public squares in the world, is beautiful day and night. At night you can see the Faro del Comercio. This lighthouse is an orange tower almost 70 meters high. The highest point of the lighthouse has a laser mechanism that turns on and can be seen from several points of the Metropolitan Area.

Things to do in Monterrey, MacroPlaza.

2. Take your own tour of the 3 Museums: the Museo de Arquitectura Mexicana, Museo del Noreste and Museo del Palacio de Gobierno. All these museums are focused on national, regional and local history, in addition to having excellent facilities. The first two are in beautiful buildings of contemporary architecture combined with technology in each of its rooms and exhibitions. Museo del Palacio de Gobierno, meanwhile, boasts its charming neoclassical architecture that deserves a few minutes to observe it carefully. Discover more information here.

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3. On the other hand you can take a tour between the rooms of Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey is essential to show off your passage through the great northern metropolis. This venue, better known as MARCO, focuses on the dissemination of international art, with the proposals of Latin American exhibitors visiting their rooms three and four times a year. The unique architecture of the building also constitutes a sufficient attraction to explore it. Its contemporary style is combined with simple details and organizes the interior space in large classrooms, fountains and small rooms. Meet this enclosure on the south side of the Macroplaza.

4. Take a picture at the Fuente de la Vida. Also known as the Fountain of Neptune, on the north side of the Macroplaza you will find this outdoor work of art that shows the Roman god of the seas accompanied by other mythological creatures.

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5. Tour the Paseo Santa Lucia in a boat. Under the Museo de Historia Mexicana, take a boat and go along the Paseo Santa Lucía, an artificial river that culminates in the Parque Fundidora.

Parallel to this beautiful tributary you will find small cafes that promise a very pleasant afternoon, and sources that you can not stop photographing. This point takes us to the next.

6. Take a picture with the Cerro de la Silla. You cannot leave the Sultana del Norte without a photograph with the city emblem in the background. From the boat that crosses the Paseo Santa Lucía you can take advantage to admire this beautiful natural formation perfectly.

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7. Know the Parque Fundidora that once was the Founding Company of Fierro y Acero de Monterrey. The remains of its ovens are spaces dedicated to the development of cultural activities, and its green areas are ideal for spending time with the family.

8. Once in the Parque Fundidora it is essential to know the Museo del Acero Horno 3, whose High Furnace is the main attraction, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the city. Its museum facilities are among the best in the city and its light and sound show is a must because it emulates the times when these imposing machines worked to melt more than 1,500 tons of iron. Do not forget to visit it!


9. Take your family to Parque Plaza Sésamo. It is a theme park based on the television program that the little ones will love. A full day is necessary to enjoy the mechanical games. In addition, its aquatic area is no less attractive.

10. Surrender to the gastronomic delights that make Monterrey famous among them the most popular is the Cabrito, this city is also famous for its cuts of meat and dried beef known as “Machaca”. In the city you will find several options to savor the Cabrito, the maximum culinary expression of Nuevo León. El Rey del Cabrito (www.elreydelcabrito.com.mx) and El Gran Pastor (elgranpastor.com) is the best places to taste this delight roasted in wood and seasoned with salt and other condiments.

11. In this corner of northern Mexico you can also buy typical regional sweets, one of them is the famous Glorias de Linares, a delicious milk candy with pecans.