5 magical towns with the best sunsets in Mexico

Sunset in Valle de Bravo

These magical towns have the best sunsets in Mexico, travel travel to discover them.

We choose 5 magical towns where you can see some of the most beautiful sunsets in Mexico. Places where it is worth looking for a good viewpoint to wait for the sun to go down.

Valle de Bravo

This charming town of white houses with red tiles and overlooking the lake formed by the dam, is a real gem. Just two hours from Mexico City, this place has some of the most beautiful sunsets in Mexico and to see it, look for a location in the highest streets of Valle. You can also take beautiful pictures from the surroundings of the Embarcadero Municipal of this town. Another option is to approach the entrance of the El Santuario hotel, very close to there is a lookout from where you can see the color change of the sky and its reflection in the lake.


Experts recommend approaching Punta Cometa to see a great sunset in Mazunte, however from any point of this magical town with beach you will be able to observe those wonderful sunsets offered by the Pacific Ocean. You will have to leave half an hour before sunset to get there, but it is worth it. If you have no way to transport yourself, just approach any beach and enjoy how the sun is lost in


Some of the most beautiful photos that can be taken in this Magical Town are taken during the sunset when the sun is reflected in the lake, looks out over the churches or simply colors the stone streets. In addition to the views of Lake Patzcuaro, the sunset is best enjoyed in places like the Templo del Santuario.


The best place to enjoy the sunset in Bernal is from its center and above all you can find yourself in one of the streets that overlook the Peña. The sunset paints the sky orange and yellow, while the birds fly from one place to another in the ritual before sleeping.


One of the most impressive sunsets in Mexico is lived in this Magic Town of Puebla. The sunset views from the Santuario de La Virgen de los Remedios with a view to the Popócatepetl volcano is a blessing from the sky especially if have a fumarole. If you are on land you will be surprised by the intense red color of the sky and how the sun is hidden behind the volcano.