Puebla, information you should know before traveling to this magical state

Puebla, Mexico

Puebla, place of a thousand landscapes, tradition, color and flavor, we tell you some curiosities of this destination so that you know about this destination before visiting it.

Puebla is one of the most visited states, because it has everything: art, a vast and delicious cuisine, it is one of the destinations with more churches and unique crafts, simply a place that steals sighs.

Here are some facts about this land, you’re going to fall in love more!

1. Puebla, a World Heritage City
The city of Puebla was founded in 1531 by Fray Toribio Benavente. It has innumerable buildings that are architectural jewels, among churches, constructions that serve as educational centers or cultural houses, its urban and historical beauty earned the title of “The Reliquary of America”.

On December 11, 1987, UNESCO included Puebla in the list of World Heritage Cities, due to its great cultural, historical and architectural importance.

2. Place of the talavera
A small group of artisans who came from Talavera de la Reina workshops, Seville and Genoa, settled in Puebla and began producing the traditional Talavera poblana.

The unique design of this crockery is due to the fact that in a workshop of the New Spain, craftsmen from Talavera de la Reina Seville and from Genoa worked, this combination gave origin to a fusion of techniques and hence an original talavera production was born different from the Spanish.

The artisans sought to innovate the pieces of talavera and began to create crockery with the bulky cobalt blue.

The talavera was used both in tableware and in containers for hospitals, and also to transport wine and pulque. It was also applied in the tiles, first inside the buildings, for example in kitchens, fountains and altars, and then, mainly in the 18th century, on the facades of houses and churches.

Talavera of Puebla, Mexico

3. Pueblos Magicos that fall in love
You cannot come to Puebla and not visit at least one of its nine Pueblos Magicos, each one with unique charm, but yes, they all protect their tradition and color.

Cuetzalán del Progreso

4. Dances, color movements
The amazing state of Puebla paints its streets in color with the dances that are performed in the festivities, Easter or some other celebration, all frame the cultural syncretism:

Danza de los tecuanes / Acatlán de Osorio
Danza de los voladores / Cuetzalan
Danza de los quetzales / Cuetzalan
Danza de los negritos / Cuetzalan
Danza de Migueles / San Miguel Tzinacapan

5. Puebla gastronomy
Although the culinary art of Puebla is very vast, there is a wide variety of regional sweets, drinks, dishes, all with an interesting history behind, but without a doubt the most popular of the state’s gastronomy are the mole poblano, the delicious chiles in nogada and of course, the traditional camote poblano.

6. The Star of Puebla
The Star of Puebla is an observation wheel, was opened in 2013 and won the Guinness record as the world’s largest portable observation wheel, with a height of 80 meters.


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