El Tábano, all the flavor of Tulum in a tablespoon

Restaurant El Tábano Tulum

El Tábano is one of the restaurants in Tulum where the waves of the sea do not look, they are savored.

The Tulum Sea is nearby. Also the breeze. Only on this side, that of the jungle, that salty air is not true. Here the heat at certain times has weight, falls on, does not bring warnings. On, the fans try to lighten the days. In the background, where the strength of these wind machines is lost, the fire of an open kitchen thrives.
The cooks move, pan in hand, accustomed to making mixed flavors: in their dishes they combine Mexican ingredients and traditions with some Mediterranean inspiration.
They do it without haste, under a stiff palapa. Their creations are read on large blackboards: papaya gazpacho, broad pepper stuffed with seafood in almond sauce, pumpkin lasagna, mezcal flan. Who enters the day is invited to conjure hot flashes with cocktails. Trees and shadows seem to have the same goal as prepared drinks at the bar.

At night, it is darkness that must be frightened. That’s why candles on wood tables flash. The swell is not heard in this part, it is eaten. It tastes like shrimp with coconut and ginger, fish tacos, the interest that each dish puts in this restaurant called El Tábano.

Where is?

KM 7 Road Tulum-Boca Paila.
Tulum, Quintana Roo
Telephone: 9841342706
For whom it is?

For those who are interested in the cuisine of the Yucatan Peninsula but are willing to try new recipes.
What to try
Tamarind meatballs or grouper steak with Xcatic pepper, apple and cinnamon.