Try the typical dishes of Chiapas

Tamales Chiapanecos

Meet the culinary delights full of tradition.

Eating in this region of the Mexican Republic is an enriching experience since its recipes date from pre-hispanic times, combining ingredients, colors, smells and exotic flavors making them your typical dishes that you will not try in another part of the world.

We recommend you try the tamales chiapanecos. The most famous is that of chipilín, which comes from a wild plant that grows in tropical places of this state. Here you will also find tamales stuffed with bananas, corn or barbacoa. We recommend that you visit the markets to try these dishes.

You cannot leave Chiapas without savoring ancestral drinks. One of the favorites of the locals is the pozol, which is prepared with cocoa, water and corn.


On the other hand there is the tascalate, a drink that fills you with ideal energy for your long walks discovering the wonders of the region. This is made up of corn, pine nuts, cocoa, cinnamon and achiote.

The coffee route is a fascinating experience, as you travel different paths through the jungle to find a dozen farms located in the Soconusco region one hour from Tapachula. Here coffee production and natural resource management are the most important.

The coffee farms that stand out the most are La Chiripa, Hamburgo and Argovia, since hiking and mountain biking are also practiced in its facilities, among other activities. Which one would you like to visit?