6 things that will make you fall in love with Real de Catorce

Real de Catorce in San Luis Potosi

It is a place full of stories, with stone streets and a mysterious atmosphere that melts in the middle of the semi-desert.

Real de Catorce is a Magical Town in which time seems to have stopped. This place located just over three hours from the city of San Luis Potosí, is full of stone streets that keep the history of the silver bonanza that lived more than 100 years ago, which create a scenario that feeds all kinds of legends and stories

For many, the place has a mystical and ghostly air; much of it is due to its proximity to Wirikuta, the sacred site of the Huichols.

Below we crumble some of the reasons that make this site a must-see for all who love to go in search of the roots of Mexico:

1.- Túnel Ogarrio

The entrance to the town is made through the Ogario Tunnel of 2,300 meters, which is unique in the country. On July 23, 1897, the drilling of the hill began and is currently the route that connects Real de Catorce with the first tourist attraction of the town.

To appreciate it well it is necessary to walk it on foot and perceive the details that are not noticed when passing it by car, such as the shots that are appreciated on the sides and that have remained unchanged since the end of the 19th century or a chapel.

2.- Antigua Casa de la Moneda

Today is the Casa de Cultura and you will be surprised by both its history and its architecture. In 1815 bronze coins called cuartillas began to be made and it worked as Casa de la Moneda until 1865. The interior has three levels and many rooms with exhibitions of coins, cardboard, photographs, paintings and Huichol art, among other interesting pieces.

3.- Plaza Hidalgo

If you want to know the town you have to walk through its streets and explore all its corners. Plaza Hidalgo is one of the places you can not miss if you travel to Real de Catorce. In the center there is a wrought iron kiosk that replaced a fountain in 1928. Around it there is a quiet garden and is the ideal place to go for a walk and visit the shops that are around.

4.- Pueblo fantasma

The settlers themselves call this place this way with abandoned buildings that are imposed in the middle of the desert, which awakens a spooky atmosphere.

These facilities are the ruins of the buildings that included the haciendas of the Minas de Concepción, whose boom was between 1880 and 1940.

5.- Antiguo Panteón de San Francisco

It is one of the oldest buildings in Real de Catorce. It consists of two sections, one dedicated to San Francisco and another to the Virgin of Guadalupe. In the first, the Franciscans built a chapel around 1775, when the place was called Los Alamos.

The journey to the place is pleasant and there are several details to admire from the entrance. The fence is decorated with peyote-shaped motifs, which shows us the syncretism that exists in the region.

6.-Cerro Quemado

It is the holiest mountain in Wirikuta. Ideally, meet her on a horseback ride to enjoy the vegetation. On the top you will find a spectacular view. In this hill the pilgrimages culminate when they travel to Wirikuta to communicate with the ancestors.

You can make your own ceremony, meditate and leave an offering in the place.