The best pulquerias of the Centro Historico in the Mexico City

Pulquerias in Mexico City

The pulquerias of the Centro Historico in the Mexico City are, of course, not the only ones in our city, but perhaps the most traditional and visited. Here we tell you about the best four.

In the pulquerias of the Centro Historico diversity is what prevails, since neither social class nor preferences of any kind matter: the important thing is to share the exotic curados of pulque in a plural and festive environment, and to toast for Papantzin who, says the legend, he discovered the method to extract the mead from the maguey and then turn it into pulque, in ancient times, when the Nahuas called it “meoctli”.

La Catedral del Pulque in the Centro Historico of the Mexico city

Catedral del Pulque
Formerly called Salon Casino, the Pulque Cathedral is one of the most traditional pulquerias in the center. Its excellent pulque comes from Nopaltepec, very close to Teotihuacan, and its guava, pineapple, cherry, yerbabuena, amaranth and oatmeal curados are a delight. And for those who prefer natural pulque this place is a great option to try one of the best you can get in the city.

Where is the Catedral del Pulque?
In the street of Lorenzo Boturini number 255, right on the corner with Isabel la Católica.

Las Duelistas

A tour of the best pulquerias of the Centro Historico can begin in Las Duelistas, an attractive and extravagant, almost bizarre place. The place is always very crowded. Its decoration, atmosphere and curados attract young people from all over the city.

Where is Las Duelistas pulquería?
It is located on Calle Aranda 28, just about three blocks from the Alameda Central and the Torre Latinoamericana.

Pulquería La Hermosa Hortensia in the Centro Historico

Another very nice place La Hermosa Hortensia. The site has a lovely terrace that gives the best views of Plaza Garibaldi. It is a family pulquería with attentive hosts that will make your visit a special occasion. Here the oats, celery, and blackberry curados are the specialty and are unparalleled in the city.

Where is La Hermosa Hortensia pulquería?
It is against the corner of Amargura alley just in front of Plaza Garibaldi.

La Chulada

La Chulada pulqueria is not wasted, since its atmosphere is intimate and pleasant, with a decoration that includes very funny murals. Its splendid pulque comes from Amaque Mineral de la Reforma, in Hidalgo. The carambola, cajeta and marzipan curados are your best introduction.

Where is La Chulada pulqueria?
On the street of 5 de febrero corner with San Jerónimo.

In short, give yourself a visit to the best pulquerias of the Centro Historico of the Mexico city. Be certain that you will have an unforgettable day of “pulcatas”, and perhaps, why not, adopt this one of the curados as a very “good habit” to spend the afternoons and evenings in the company of your best friends.