7 essential things to do in Tequila Jalisco

Agave plantation in Tequila, Jalisco

We present the activities that you can not miss during your next visit to Tequila Jalisco. This incredible Pueblo Magico awaits you with elegant agaves that give life to the most famous drink in Mexico.

There are 7 essential activities to do in Tequila Jalisco. Take note and enjoy!

1. Walk in the streets

Walk through its central area and discover numerous stores where all kinds of tequila-related items are offered: bottles of the most popular firms (regional or artisanal producing houses, as well as almost unknown brands), barrels that work as nice cavas, ornaments made with the agave pina or leaves and the most common: “road” drinks, of various sizes, to enjoy this traditional drink while recognizing every corner of this Pueblo Magico, Tequila, Jalisco.

Streets of Tequila, Jalisco

2. Know its most emblematic historical, religious and civil buildings
These include: the Temple of La Purísima, the Capilla del Calvario, the Municipal Palace (which houses an interesting painting, the work of a local artist, and that describes the emergence of the tequila from a ray that fell in an agave plant), and the National Tequila Museum, where you can get closer to the history of the production of this iconic drink that, over the years, has become synonymous with Mexico throughout the world.

La Purisima in Tequila, Jalisco

3. Visit the facilities of one of the large tequileras.
We recommend the tours offered by both Casa Sauza and Mundo Cuervo. The first, the oldest in Tequila and whose owners are now foreigners, only makes guided tours from Monday to Saturday, while the second, the most popular worldwide, also does it on Sunday. In both complexes you will be able to know the interesting process of planting and care of the agave plant, its use for other things, and its artisanal and industrial work to give life to the “drink of Mexico” through complex steps that, in the end, gives its flavor, quality and texture. You can not leave these complexes without taste and enjoy some of their most famous drinks, some of them special reserve.

Tequileras in Tequila, Jalisco

4. Take a refreshing tejuino
Tejuino is another traditional drink of the region made from the fermentation of corn with a little of piloncillo. Also try their specialty: the pachecadas, a mixture of the same tejuino but with dark beer, salt, lemon and several ice. You’ll love it!

5. Take one of the sightseeing tours
Rides aboard nice transports that evoke a barrel or barrel or a vintage cart, depart from the area of ​​the square that precedes the Temple of la Purísima. These will allow you to know the most remote streets of the center of town where the old tequila plants were today forgotten or in disuse. But in which they still survive stories of their owners or the people who worked there writing the history of this population between hills and agaves.

6. Take photos
In Tequila, Jalisco, there are numerous pretexts to take a picture with your partner, friends or with the whole family. Look for the sculptures of jimadores, people who work in the field cutting the agave pencas, made in bronze and that are placed in strategic places in the center of the town.

We also recommend taking a photograph next to the Cuervo that is housed in the entrance hall in the facilities of Mundo Cuervo, as well as looking for the plaque where UNESCO recognizes the agave landscape and the old Tequila factories as Heritage of Humanity This would be the best tribute that an international institution has made to this land in the state of Jalisco.

7. Travel on the Jose Cuervo Express train
Admire while drinking a tequila on the Jose Cuervo Express train that leaves Guadalajara, the incredible landscape of blue agaves that predominates the region. For its beauty and decisive role in the process to produce the most popular beverage in the country, this, together with the Old Industrial Facilities of Tequila was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2006.