The pink waters of Las Coloradas in Yucatán, know the details to visit this place

Pink Waters of Las Coloradas in Yucatan

For some time, Las Coloradas has been put in the eye of a large number of tourists looking to take their photos or just know this place that has the famous Laguna Rosa in Yucatan.

Many visitors arrive in Merida asking about this beautiful place, however, what they ignore is the distance, the weather and especially the exact location of this site. It is for all the above that here we leave you some of the key points that you should consider if you want to visit this beautiful place.

Las Coloradas is a fishing village located in the East of the Peninsula. It is located approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes from Merida and the same time from the city of Cancun.

For those who depart from Merida and are going to do it by car there are two ways. The first is to take the Mérida-Motul road and drive to the municipality of Tizimín. Once there, it is a single road that leads to Río Lagartos, another port that you can visit along with San Felipe and Las Coloradas. You will arrive at an intersection with a sign to go to your destination. From the intersection to Laguna Rosa is approximately 30 minutes.

By Bus
If you decide to go by bus from Mérida, it is taken at the Terminal Noreste located in Calle 50 531A, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yuc. Here you buy your ticket to go to Tizimín. Once in the terminal you walk half a block you can take a taxi to go to Las Coloradas.

By bus from Cancun you can buy your ticket to Tizimín, whose cost will be about $10 dollars. Once here locate the bus that is parked near the Noreste Terminal to go to Las Coloradas.

Advantages of going by car: You can take the time to tour the center of Tizimín and make a mandatory stop at the Santuario de Los Tres Reyes Magos, unique in Mexico. Additional we recommend you visit the municipal market to enjoy the local cuisine.

A few minutes from Tizimín, on the way to Coloradas you can find a municipality called Kikil, whose place has a cenote that you can enjoy and relax and then continue your way.

In Coloradas
We recommend you enjoy the road to Las Coloradas, as its sand dunes give it a unique touch all the way. In addition, you can not miss the salt mountains and its imposing white color that you will surely want to photograph.

Once in this port you will encounter some locals who will offer you access to the salt mine – it is the only way you can do it. The cost is about $ 3 dollars per person and includes a brief explanation of the place.

Why can’t you swim in the pink waters?

Although several photos of people swimming in these waters circulate on the internet, this is strictly prohibited because doing so contaminates the production of salt that is extracted from these pools. In addition to the above, people are at risk of skin burns, because due to its high concentration of salt the water temperature can be very high and can damage the skin.

Flamingo sighting

Las Coloradas is also an excellent site for sighting flamingos, which you can observe between the months of April, May and June.

When is it better to visit Las Coloradas?

So much to watch the pink waters, as to enjoy the beaches of this port, the ideal is to visit it between March and August, since is when it’s hotter and sunny. To find the ideal pink waters the ideal time is at midday, just when the sun hits the ponds and maximizes the pink color.

In addition to the above, those months also coincide with the best time to spot flamingos.

What other activities can you do?

As part of the activities you can enjoy are some walks such as visiting the mud deposit. You can ask someone of the guides the cost of this and so enjoy the benefits of this natural scrub on your skin.

The port is small, so if you like you can go on foot. Regardless of what you prefer to do, you cannot miss the beach, since it is practically virgin.

Tips for visiting Las Coloradas:

Always use biodegradable blocker.
Take preferably something to eat, because in Las Coloradas there is almost no shops and much less restaurants.
Book your hotel in advance. The safest thing is that you have to do it in San Felipe or Río Lagartos so, if you go by bus, ask for the schedule so you do not get stranded.
Take care of the turtle nests on the beach as it is specific sanctuary of this species.