Cozumel is recognized as the Best Dive Destination in the Caribbean

Diving in Cozumel, Mexico

In addition, the destination has sought ways to preserve its natural environment in this way…

The coasts of Mexico, full of life and color, are definitely one of the favorite destinations of Mexicans and foreigners to spend a holiday in the sun and to practice water activities. Now, they recognize Cozumel as the Best Dive Destination in the Caribbean.

Best Dive Destination in the Caribbean

The Scuba Diving publication presented Cozumel with the 2020 International Readers Choice Awards as the Best Dive Destination in the Caribbean, after a survey of nearly 5,000 divers around the world. This award was received by the Director of Municipal Tourism, Pedro Hermosillo López at the Dema Show 2019.

A breath to the corals

Given the risk faced by corals with the disease called ‘white syndrome’, in addition to stress due to the large number of visitors they receive daily and factors derived from climate change, the municipal president, Pedro Joaquín Delbouis, says that, for the first time The three orders of government and tourism service providers agreed since October 7 to temporarily restrict visits to the reefs of El Cielo, Palancar and Colombia in order to give a respite to their flora and fauna.

With this measure, the conservation of the reefs is sought, which have had a great human presence, together with other environmental factors that contributed to their deterioration. This measure had already been requested years ago, but for the first time there was this consensus between the authorities and the providers of tourist services, since the care of the environment and natural resources is a priority.

“Cozumel evolves in environmental matters and can be taken as a national and even international example, since from these actions, best environmental practices that involve all sectors of society will be implemented at the destination,” explains Pedro Joaquín Delbouis, municipal president of Cozumel.

Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park

After those three months of having restricted the reefs from December 15, the areas of Palancar, Colombia and El Cielo will be reopened but the same measure will be applied in other sites of Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park so that recovery is general.