In this hotel you can sleep inside a Tequila barrel

“Unique, romantic and spectacular”, this is how this hotel called Matices defines the people who have stayed in it. They are comfortable rooms inside giant tequila barrels.

In Jalisco there is a place to sleep inside giant tequila barrels installed in the middle of the agave fields of a tequila farm.

Within each of them there is a comfortable bed, bedside table, a room and a large bathroom.

Each barrel has windows that keep the interior of these peculiar rooms well lit and ventilated. While outside you can rest on the small balcony to see the agave landscape.

This original lodging center located in the municipality of Tequila is called “Matices Hotel de Barricas”; which is part of the Hacienda La Cofradía, a tequila company that seeks to give visitors to the region an experience beyond the purchase of bottles or tasting.

During the nights, sleeping inside these rooms is something relaxing because nature is enveloping, sounds of crickets and other nocturnal animals will make the evening more enjoyable. You can enjoy it more of the cool night weather by sitting on the balcony that has excellent lighting.

Each barrel has a unique exclusive design inside, so the experience of sleeping in each one is different.

Very close to the barrels there is a tavern that goes down to 4.5 meters deep, called La Cofrade where you can eat and drink the different tequilas produced in the region.

Where is it?
Calle La Cofradía 1297, colony La Cofradía, Tequila, Jalisco.