How To Prepare Mexican Beef Barbacoa (Recipe)

How To Prepare Mexican Beef Barbacoa (Recipe)

Barbacoa ingredients:

  • 1 piece of white onion
  • 2 lbs of beef neck steak
  • 1 garlic head
  • 2 bay leafs
  • aluminum foil to taste
  • salt to taste

Ingredients of side dishes:

  • Corn tortillas to taste
  • Green sauce to taste
  • White onion to taste
  • Coriander to taste


Wash the meat very well. In a steamer pot, with the amount of water indicated, on the insert/basket that comes inside it, place the meat, onion, garlic, bay leafs and salt, wrapped in aluminum foil, making sure that the package is well closed.

Cover the steamer well and turn up the heat for 30 minutes. Immediately lower the heat, add water as far as the steamer allows without wetting the wrapper. Let it cook all night (between 8 and 10 hours) without uncovering.

Serve with green sauce, tortillas, chopped onion and coriander.