Visit Parque la Mexicana in Mexico City of 27 hectares

The Santa Fe neighborhood has one of the largest parks in Mexico City. The authorities baptized him as La Mexicana and is located on a site that was once an open pit mine.

The total land covers 42 hectares and 70 percent, that is 27 hectares, was destined exclusively for the park. The remaining part will be used for the construction of housing, corporate, shopping centers and parking.

With an investment of almost 100 million dollars for its creation. Among the main attractions is a 500-square-meter artificial lake, a 3.45-kilometer tartan trotapist, a 4.3-kilometer cycle path, various recreational spaces, including a skate park and a canine garden.

The surface of this new lung for the west of Mexico City is greater than the sum of the parks España, México, Lincoln, América, Hundido and the Alameda Central.